Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pediatric Gym?


We are a fitness center with specialized equipment to be used by children 12 and under for climbing, balance, and endurance training.


What has changed?


-Temperature checks will be taken by everyone at the front door


-Structure cleaning is done at a minimum of once a day and increased as business increases on top of a weekly deep clean. We only use sanitizer that has been approved by CDC guidelines.


-Masks most be worn at all times unless seated at a our restaurant tables, this includes inside the structure.


-We have a max capacity of 20 people inside the structure. This means both children and adults count towards the total capacity, which is why we now have an hourly rate.


-Directional arrows have been placed in the structure to eliminate possible contact


-Balls have been removed from the ballroom


-Our resturant tables have been spaced 6 feet apart and many tables have been removed.


-Increased sanitization and hand washing


Why are parents charged to go inside now?


Due to the strict capacity of 20 people inside the structure, every person that takes up a space will be charged. Of course, if there is an emergency, parents can grab their kids out of the structure.


Where are you located?


We are located in the Pearl District on the corner of NW 17th Ave and NW Quimby St. The Pearl District is laid out with a grid both alphabetically and numerically making it easy to follow the streets to get here!


What if someone in my group is 5 or older and has a difficulty wearing a mask?


Unfortunately, Oregon law has stated that there are no exceptions to the mask rule


Do you have parking?


You are welcome to park in all spots in our backlot, except for the yellow reserved spaces. There is plenty of street parking around as well!


Are you taking reservations?


At this time we are accepting customers on a first come, first serve basis.


How do I know when my hour is up?


When you arrive, we start a tab under your name that tracks how long you have been in our facility. Once you enter a new hour, you will be charged for the full hour. There is no limit for how long you can stay as of right now.


What do we need to bring?


Socks and masks! All adults and children must wear socks and masks in the structure. Even if you think you are not going in, it never hurts to have a pair on hand! We do have some for purchase if you forget.


What happens when you hit capacity?


We will form a waitlist. You must be onsite to get onto the waitlist. You are welcome stay nearby but we require you arrive back at our facility within 5 minutes after we call you up on the list. You will be welcome to wait in our restaurant and order food until space becomes available.


We do not count the people in and out of the space. The price you are paying reserves your space in the structure.


Are you still serving food?


Yes! We still have pizzas, tots & fries, cheese & fruit plate, beer, wine, and coffee!


Do I have to stay in the building?


We are parent responsible facility and do require parents to stay in the building.


We have a dietary restriction or an allergy, can we bring our own food?


We have a flexible menu and will do our best to accomodate all restrictions. Please reach out with specific inquires and we would be happy to help!


Are you booking birthday parties?


Due to the limited capacity, we are not booking parties in our party rooms to create a more enjoyable experience. We have lowered our building rental price to accomodate birthday parties! Check our our party info page for more information or email party@playdatepdx.org for inquires.


We want to celebrate our birthday child but we don't want to rent the room, can we celebrate in the dining room?


In order to make it enjoyable for out walk in guests, parties may only take place as building rentals at this time. We do not allow any outside food, decorations, outside tableware, or tables to be pulled together in our dining room. Please email party@playdatepdx.org to help find an accomodation that works for you!


Do you offer any discounts or deals?


10% off admission, orders, and parties with a Military ID


Are you open over holidays?


The only days we close are for July 4th, Thanksgiving, 5pm on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day


A note from our family:


Thank you all for your support as we navigate these new times. Safety is our number one priority and we are working hard to ensure that you can still have a safe and enjoyable visit. We thank you for your patience as we continue to make changes and hope to see you in soon!